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Success Stories

Kharif Onion – A New Hope for Sundargarh farmers

Introduction: Onion is a highly remunerative crop for Sundargarh farmers being cultivated in around 1472 ha. But the cultivation practice of Onion was only confined to Rabi season only. Since last few years, it has been observed that due to insufficient supply of onion results serious price hike during off season. Realizing this situation KVK, Rourkela to introduce kharif onion var. Agri Found Dark Red under On Farm Trials programme.

Intervention: As the farmers were not aware about the package and practices of cultivating of kharif onion, they were not thoroughly trained about it. The seedling raising was done in raised bed equipped with poly tunnel to protect them from rain fall and give it a conclusive environment to grow. Transplanting was done in the last week of August in broad based furrow method. All the cultivation practices like Nutrient Management, Integrated Pest Management, Integrated Disease Management schedule was recommended in time. During the growth period no significant disease pest attack was observed.

Output: The Onion was harvested in the month of December. The average yield was about 180 qtl/ ha. In December itself the price of the Onion was around Rs. 20/- per kg and the farmers got a bumper return. The net profit was Rs. 1,62,000 per ha.

Outcome: The Farmers were delighted with their increased income and they are confident about the proper package of practices.

Impact: The farmers have decided to multiply the area of cultivation. It is expected that the horizontal spread will be around 300 ha. in coming year in the nearby villages.

Women Empowerment through Mushroom cultivation

Introduction: Shanti SHG of Jamuna Naki village in Kuanrmunda block consist of 10 landless farm women. They are involved in various farming activities but without proper knowledge & skill. Observing their keen interest in Income Generation KVK, Rourkela supported and guided the group for Mushroom cultivation.

Intervention: During the summer season the group was thoroughly trained about Mushroom cultivation starting from cutting, wetting, sterilizing of straw till final bed preparation by the KVK scientists through practical demonstration. The group was also supplied with Mushroom spawn and polythene and FLD programme and proper follow up for management of beds was conducted. The same process was repeated by the KVK team during the Rabi season for oyster mushroom also.

Output: An average yields of 1.2 kg/ bed in case of paddy straw Mushroom which could fetch them Rs. 180 per bed at the cost of Rs. 50/- which was spent for raising a bed. A net profit of Rs. 54,700/- was quite encouraging to the SHG members. The processes were repeated during the Mushroom also. A net profit of Rs. 21,800/- was achieved from 500 beds during the period December to February 2014.

Outcome: The SHG was highly motivated and established regular market linkage with the Mushroom outlets in Rourkela city. Now they are in the process of supplying 50 kg of Mushroom per day to the market. SHGs in the nearby area are also impressed with their success.

Impact: The economic return boasted the moral; and self confidence of the rural bodies. They have achieved economic independence through group action.