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List of Awardee farmer/staff

Name of the Farmer Sri Guru Charan Pradhan
Shri Guru Charan Pradhan
Correspondence Address with PIN Code S/o. – Late Krutartha Pradhan At./P.O. – Talita, PS – Bonaigarh, Dist. – Sundargarh
Phone/ Mobile No. 9437758861
Age 67
Educational Qualification I.A. (C.T.)
Landholding 10 acre
Farming experience Paddy Cultivation, Vegetable & Oilseed cultivation, Poultry and Dairy
Crops grown Paddy, Vegetable, Mustard
Recognition (if any) i. From IIM, Ahemedabad in Inventors of India Workshop.

ii. Got prize of Rs. 51,000/- from Gujarat Chief Minister in ‘Vibrant Gujarat 2013 (Global Agriculture Summit)

iii. Recognition from Agriculture Department, Govt. of Odisha as Innovator in the field of Agriculture Engineering.

Description of Innovation

This multipurpose machine is suitably designed to carry out seven different functions in agriculture and allied activities. This is purely an innovation from the mind of a retired teacher who has devoted himself to the cause of agriculture. This innovative machine has very simple & inexpensive components comprising of cycle ream, pedal, cycle chain, fan blade, iron knife & blade, electric bulb.

The machine has a frame consisting of a hand crank, chain and sprocket drive and a pair of belt and pulley. He can speed the end pulley up to 900 rpm, using the said power train with comfort. At the shaft of end pulley different attachments required for the above mentioned functions can be connected, using nut bolt fastening. The machine can be operated by hand or foot. Shri Pradhan made the makeshift machine using scrape material for his own personal use and hence had it in rather a crude form. But now, he is developing the machine using standard material with support from National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad. The well developed machine is expected to cost around INR 20,000.

The present model of the machine was completed after five years as each of the function was added when the need for that particular function arose. It took him nearly two or three months to put his ideas about a particular function into concrete solution. And while he labored day and night, his wife stood by him giving moral support by taking care of him silently. She never complained to him about anything accept worrying occasionally about his health. His younger son, a doctor by profession, is a helpful critique giving his unbiased opinion about each function of Shri Pradhan’s machine.

Practical utility of innovation i. Straw cutting – 30 kg./hour

ii. Threshing of paddy – 60 kg./ hour

iii. Winnowing – 2 qtl/ hour

iv. Plucking of Groundnut kernels – 30 kg./ hour

v. Coconut flesh extraction – 20 nos./ hour

vi. Generation of electricity – 6 volt.

vii. Sharpening of knife, sword, spade etc.

Photograph of equipment/ machine